To our Valued Members and Guests,

As you are all aware, the Covid-19 virus has shut down normal trading for us. However, we can still offer take away meals from our bistro. The menu will be limited, but there is still a good range of meals on there. We can still sell take-away beverages from our Coffee Shop, and take away alcohol over our bar area. Our Bistro will be open for lunch, Midday till 2pm, and then again from 6pm till 8pm.

Also, we have been informed, we can run a Grocery Store. Nothing like a big supermarket, but we will have Flour, Sugar, Frozen Vegetables, Fruit and Vegetables, Meat, Rice, Pasta, baked goods, eggs. Keeping in mind, we buy our stock in bulk, so we will have to package it for you. This will be at a reasonable price.

The reason why we are doing this, is so that we can keep some of our staff employed, the more support we get during this time, the more staff we can have working during this time.

We can do home deliveries for a small fee of $5.00 if you reside within the 5km radius of town, and will also do farm deliveries up to 50km radius from town, fee will be given upon orders taken.